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G.I. MARNIE: Stop the Enemy at the River

How MiniMovies work?

  • You buy the MiniMovie
  • In the buying process you must give your email address
  • At the end of the purchase you will have a temporary password. Please, print that page.
  • You will receive in less than 24 hours the definitive link, user and password from the place for download the MiniMovie
  • You can download the DVD Quality version (in format MPEG2) or the Internet Quality version (in format wmv).


  • Before you buy, check the trailer. If you can't see the trailer, you havent the propper codec to watch GI Marnie in DVD Quality.
  • During the buying G.I. Marnie process, use a valid email account. You will receive all the information to download it there.
  • You have 14 days to download the Minimovie in both formats, if you want.
  • If you are a member, use the "Buy it Now!" buttones in the Member Store. You have a special discount

Only USD 11.85

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  • Runs more than 18 minutes
  • Two different qualities: DVD Quality (MPEG2 format) or Internet Quality (WMV format 1.000 kB/s). You can download both.
  • You buy the MiniMovie and you will have access for 14 days to download it.
  • It is Cheaper than a DVD and you will receive it in less than one day.
  • If you are a Member of you can buy it with a special discount.
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