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DVD Power in Chile
Membership to marniepower.com
MiniMovie GI Marnie
Save in Membership Fee


Single DVD
Not Included
Not Included
USD 59.95 + Shipping
Basic Pack
Not Included
3 Months
33% Save
USD 52.85
Power Pack
3 Months
USD 97.90 + Shipping
Total Pack
6 Months
USD 127.90 + Shipping



Terms and Conditions
Membership GI Marnie MiniMovie and DVD Special Pack
1. I’m giving you the opportunity to buy a membership, a MiniMovie and a DVD with a special discount.
2. Everybody is eligible to receive the special discount.
3. The email included in the transaction must be operative, because you will receive your username and password in that email.
4. The membership from the special pack will give the same access than the normal memberships, including the access to pictures, chat, clips, ID options, email priority or any special offer for members.
5. The membership will be processed 24 hours after the transaction.
6. An email will be sent with the username and password after processed, and you will receive the dates of the beginning and the end of the period.
7. In case of chargeback or password sharing the membership will be cancelled immediately releasing any obligation from www.marniepower.com