Personal Info

Date of Birth: December 22.
Place of birth : Burnaby, BC, Canada
Heritage : Dutch
Years Training : 18
Least Favorite Training : Cardio
Favourite bodyparts to train : Chest & Biceps
Favourite foods off season : Chinese food, burritos, oriental rice crackers and dried fruit
Favourite foods pre contest : protein bars, yams

Contest History
1st Place Women Heavy Weight July 21st 2001: Muscle Rock
1st Place Women Heavy Weight August 11th, 2001: BC Provincials
4th Place Women Heavy Weight October 6th, 2001: Canadian National Bodybuidling Championship
Overall & 1st Place Women Heavy Weight September 21st, 2002: Canadian National Bodybuidling Championship
Training & Diet

My favorite 4-day split :

Day 1 : Chest, Biceps, Forearms
Day 2 : Quads, Calves
Day 3 : Back, Triceps
Day 4 : Shoulders, Calves
Day 5 : OFF

When training for a contest I put in approx 5-6 hours per day between training, posing & cardio. I do up to 40 sets per large body parts and 30 sets per small body parts, I'M a big believer in volume training.
My diet stays fairly clean all year, I'm REALLY big on protein and lots of carbs, and try to watch my fats. I do no cardio off season unless I have a shoot, and I stay fairly hard and lean all year.
Competition & Bodybuilding

Although I have been training for 18 years, I have only been competing for a few. My focus was always on getting bigger, and I never felt I was ready to compete. I always felt like I wasn't big enough.

At age 20 I weighed a hard 193lbs and still thought I was too small.I am now comfortable with my contest weight of 150lbs but I am always working to be bigger.

After my first show I realised the other competitors weren't better than myself. This gave me the confidence to achieve my pro status within 2 years. I plan to aggresively pursue professional competition to its highest level. Bodybuilding has always been my foundation, everything else evolves around it.

South America

At the end of the year 2005 I took the decision to go to South America for a couple of months. The reason was to take pictures and videos in summer, when in Canada is in winter. I was completely fascinated for a world I didn't know before. South America is so different, that I took the decision to stay longer.

I'm connected with the Chilean Bodybuilding Association in order to try to help the sport. They make me feel like an ambassador of the bodybuilding in this land, and probably I'll come back to Canada in a year or so.

Seminars, guest posing, advices to people in different gyms permitted (and still now) to me spread the bodybuilding lifestyle to people who know Pro bodybuilders only through old magazines, and they are hungry to know more about bodybuilding.

Despite the illness, the robbers, the sadness ( because the huge pooverty in South America), put my career to be on hold for a couple of years (because I'm here), I feel this is one of my most enrichment experiences... Beacuse I'm feeling so great teaching bodybuilding to people who really want to know more and more, and who haven't any big opportunities.

Because I'm one of the few people who make the sport bigger not only in my country or in the U.S., but in the last corners of the world.

Because, for me, Bodybuilding is not a hobby nor a sport... It's my life.